Dancing Trousers Cookery School
Posted on November, 2016

Get ahead of the Christmas rush!

I know, it's only November, but as I type, it's just over 5 weeks until Christmas, so spit spot, look sharp!  What on earth are you going to buy for Uncle Geoff, best friend Sarah, your lovely neighbour Angela who looked after the cats for a month, and Steve, what about Steve, you never know what to get for Steve? Here's my point, all those people eat, some of them cook, some of them want to, but don't know how to, and Angela has always wanted to master making macarons.  The answer for all of them, is a Dancing Trousers cookery

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Posted on September, 2016

The Best Ever Left-Overs Recipe on Cotswold Explorer TV

We're delighted to be partnering with Robin 'The Cotswold Explorer' Shuckburgh on a new venture. Each month we'll be adding a new cookery lesson on our dedicated TV channel on YouTube and I'll be posting the programmes here too. Our intrepid beginner Robin has tackled pesto and now I'm showing him the best way to use up anything and everything that's left over, in one of my favourite dishes, a Spanish Omelette. 

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Posted on August, 2016

One Hundred Trip Advisor reviews (and counting)

You've given us one hundred and we're sending you a thousand. This week we reached the milestone of achieving one hundred Trip Advisor reviews and we're sending you a thousand thanks. Special thanks go to the lovely Zanna from Oxford who was reviewer number 100. Zanna came on our Macaron Magic course and gave it a big, five star, thumbs up. We are so grateful to each and every one of you who has taken the time and trouble to rate us Your kind words mean that we have received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence two years running. So, a

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Posted on July, 2016

Help! My chocolate ganache has split.

Cookery rescue tips. Help my chocolate ganache has split! I find the science behind cooking fascinating, why does egg yolk act to thicken liquids, what happens when sugar caramelises, why do you have to knead bread dough? The science also means that sometimes dishes go wrong, you had the same ingredients, you followed the same method but uh oh, one of the wheels fell off. A ganache is chocolate and cream, melted together in slightly differing quantities depending on what you want to use it for. Uses include a glossy covering for a cake, a

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