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Thai evening

Thai evening

Join us for a relaxed, informative and fun evening exploring Thai cookery.

Thai food is one of the most exciting and original cuisines in the world. From simple noodle soups and crunchy salads freshly prepared in street markets, to the fragrant curries of Royal Thai cuisine, which demonstrate the depth of flavour that can be achieved with fresh herbs and spices.

Get to know these ingredients and learn how to create authentic dishes from scratch.

Our evening class is designed to introduce you to the unique ingredients and bold flavours of Thailand, while mastering the balance of sweet, salty, sour and hot.  You will cook as a group and then sit down to enjoy your Thai feast.

I had such a good time on this course. We all mucked in and helped prep ingredients and pound the curry paste! You get a lot done in 2 hours because it's well organised and planned and you get a smashing meal at the end. I'm buying this as a birthday gift for friends now.

Trish, Cirencester, Jan 2017