Dancing Trousers Cookery School
Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started

Our cookery course for complete beginners or those with just a little experience. We'll introduce you to the principles behind a variety of dishes and give you new skills and confidence in the kitchen.

You'll learn knife skills, how to make bread, veg prep, basic fish or meat prep, seasoning and final touches to make your dishes look beautiful. You'll bake bread, make a tasty starter, delicious main course and tempting dessert.  Then you sit down and eat the spoils with your fellow cooks, with a glass or two of wine of course, after all you've worked hard! 

Every date has its own menu, just press the 'info' button to see it. We eat the fruits of our labours together for lunch, and you give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back for a great job done - bon appetit! 


This was my third visit, on each occasion there is no repetition because the menu is always different. As a complete beginner to start with, I feel each time I'm improving my knowledge and techniques. Alexis is very welcoming and immediately makes you feel relaxed and thanks must go to Vanda who quietly clears up the mess you make! A great way to spend a day out.

David, Oxford, June 2016